Ethereum Blockchain Dev: Build Projects Using Solidity

Ethereum Blockchain Developer Course, Helping You Build Projects With Solidity!

  • 01
    A Quick Introduction into the Course
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    • Quick Introduction Before Commencing With This Course
    • Course Files Can Be Find At This Link
  • 02
    Your Guide To Understanding Blockchain Technology
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    • Why You Should Learn Blockchain Development
    • Why The Blockchain Is Such Revolutionary Technology
    • Breaking Down And Understanding The Blockchain At Its Core
  • 03
    Understand and Use Go-Ethereum
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    • Let Me Introduce The Big Picture
    • This Is Where You Can Download Geth And How You Install It
    • This Happens When You Open Geth Without Any Additional Parameters
    • Log-Output from Geth Explained
    • This Is Where The Data Is Stored By Default In Geth
    • This Is How You Attach To A Running Geth Instance
    • How To Attach To A Running Geth Instance - Explanation (March 2018)
    • We Are Working With The JavaScript JSON-API
    • This Is The Difference Between Blockchains and Networks
    • This Is The Genesis.json File
    • Let's Create Our Own Private Network With Go-Ethereum
    • First steps with the Json API And Our Private Network
    • This Is How I Mine Ether On My Private Network
    • ASSIGNMENT Create Your Own Private Network And Mine Some Ether
    • Let Me Show You Some Important Tips and Tricks With Geth
    • Test your learning
  • 04
    Key Characteristics Of How The Blockchain Operates
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    • The Types Of Blockchains You Can Work With
    • Potential Use Cases For Blockchain Technology
    • Let Me Highlight How Powerful The Ethereum Blockchain Is