Blockchain Technology: A Guide To Blockchain Tech

Understand The Blockchain Ecosystem, And The Technology Around It.

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    Lets Dive Nose First Into This Course Helping You To Understand The Blockchain
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    • Why Should You Be Excited By The Blockchain?
    • These Are The Industries The Blockchain Is Set To Disrupt
    • At the Moment These Are The Blockchains That Exist
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    Understand How The Entire Blockchain Works As A Piece Of Technology
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    • Lets Start By Discussing What The Blockchain Actually Is
    • Many Ask The Question Of The Blockchain Being The New Internet, So Is It ?
    • Lets Move Onto Comparing The Public, Consortium, And Private Blockchain
    • Let Me Share The Analogy Of The Blockchain Being Similar To A Spreadsheet
    • This Is How The Blockchain As A Technology Is Designed Not To Fail
    • Lets Talk About Nodes Now As They Play A Very Important Part
    • ASSIGNMENT - How Would You Explain The Blockchain To Others?
  • 03
    Understand How Smart Contracts Work As A Piece Of Technology
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    • Let Me Guide You Down A Structured Path To Understanding Smart Contracts
    • Here’s An Example Of What Ethereum Based Smart Contract Code Looks Like
    • Let Me Now Give You Some Examples Of The Uses Of Smart Contracts
    • Everything Has It’s Unique Selling Points So Here Are Smart Contracts USP’s
    • Every New Technology Has It’s Problems So Here Are Smart Contracts Issues
    • These Are The Blockchains On Which You Can Start Processing Smart Contracts
    • Quiz 1 | 5 Questions: Understand How Smart Contracts Work As A Piece Of Technology
  • 04
    Lets Conclude On This Blockchain Course And Cover The Next Steps You Can Take
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    • This Is How To Take Your Blockchain Interest Further