The Complete Bitcoin Course: Get .0001 BTC In Your Wallet

This Complete Bitcoin Course Will Help You Master Bitcoin & Join The Ecosystem!

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    Before We Get Technical I Want To Give You A Practical Introduction
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    • Here Is Your Introduction To This Complete Bitcoin Course
    • Let Me Give You A General Overview Of How Bitcoin Works Before Delving Deeper
    • These Characteristics Are What Makes Bitcoin So Unique As A Currency
    • Bitcoin Can Be Divided Into Smaller Pieces, Here Are A Few Examples
    • Satoshi Nakamoto Is Allegedly The Creator Of Bitcoin, So Let’s Discuss Him More
    • Let Me Highlight The Range Of Bitcoin Wallets You Can Create And Own Here
    • This Is Your Bitcoin Glossary Which Has Over 100 Bitcoin Terms Described
    • This Is Your Bitcoin Glossary Which Has Over 100 Bitcoin Terms Described
    • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Before Moving Any Further You Must Create Your Own Bitcoin Wallet
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    It’s Now Up To You To Decide What Role You Want To Play In The Bitcoin Ecosystem
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    • So As Of Today, What Bitcoin Related Opportunities Currently Present Themselves
    • The First And Most Simplest Way To Be Involved With Bitcoin Is As A User
    • The Second Way To Be Involved With Bitcoin Is As An Educator Of The Currency
    • Marketing Bitcoin Online And Offline Is The Third Way To Get Involved With It
    • Ever Heard Of A Faucet Well That’s The Fourth Way You Can Get Involved Today
    • The Fifth Way To Get Involved With Bitcoin Is By Mining, Which Is Very Important
    • You Can Also Become A Bitcoin Investor, And Profit From The Volatility
    • ASSIGNMENT 2 - Now My Question Is, What Role Will You Be Playing With Bitcoin?
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    Bitcoin Is A Technical Tour De Force So Let’s Discuss Its Technical Elements
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    • Bitcoin Is Cited As Being Open Source Software, Let Me Explain What That Means
    • If You’ve Ever Wondered What Cryptography Is Let Me Break It Down For You
    • Let Me Explain What Makes Bitcoin A Decentralized Network Over A Centralized One
    • I Want To Introduce You To A New Term While You’re Here And It’s Smart Contracts
    • I’m Sure You’ve Heard That Bitcoin Is Anonymous, But Just How Anonymous Is It
    • Let’s Now Experience The Blockchain Together And Go Over Why It’s So Crucial
    • If You’re Interested In Reading The Bitcoin Whitepaper It Can Be Accessed Here
    • Quiz 1 | 5 Questions: The Technical Elements Of Bitcoin