Ethereum Dev Masterclass: Build Real World Projects

Build Real-World Dapps On The Blockchain Using Latest Solidity, Truffle, & More.

  • 01
    Welcome To The Ethereum Developer Masterclass
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    • Course Introduction
    • Course Files
  • 02
    Basics Of Blockchain Development
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    • Section Introduction
    • Basic Concepts Of The Blockchain
    • How A Smart Contract Works
    • Ethereum Blockchain Nodes Explained
    • Difference Between A Call & A Transaction
    • The Genesis.Json File & How You Create A Private Network
    • ASSIGNMENT - Create Your Own Private Network
    • How To Use The Ethereum TestRPC & Why A Mnemonic Is Important
    • Dapps, Web3 & The Communication Between Javascript And The Blockchain
    • A Quick Note On The Following Lectures
    • Mist & The Ethereum Wallet
    • Mist & The Ethereum Wallet (Practical)
    • Troubleshooting Tips For Mac & Linux - The IPC File
    • ASSIGNMENT - Connect MIST and Geth and Mine Some Ether
    • Let’s Take A Look At MetaMask
    • How To Install & Use Truffle
    • Section Wrap-Up
  • 03
    ERC-20 Tokens & Initial Coin Offerings
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    • Section Introduction
    • What Is An Ethereum Based Initial Coin Offering?
    • ERC-20 Ethereum Sample Token Contract Analysis
    • Launching Our Own ICO Token On Our Private Network
    • Watching Our Token Contract In MistEthereum Wallet
    • Moving Tokens Between Accounts
    • Section Wrap-Up