Ethereum Game Dev: Build A Game On The Blockchain

Work With Solidity & Tools To Build A Game! Gain Greater Blockchain Proficiency!

  • 01
    Course Introduction
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    • Introduction
    • Course Resources
    • Course Resources
  • 02
    Solidity Basics - The Foundations For Our Game
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    • Understanding Remix
    • Layout Of A Solidity File
    • Course Feedback
    • Alternatives To Solidity
    • Types Of Variables You Need For The Game
    • Functions In Solidity
    • Addresses And The Global Msg-Object
    • Denominations In Ethereum
    • Storing Ether Safely
    • Introduction To Arrays
    • Structs - Your Own Datatype In Solidity
    • Difference Between A Call And A Transaction
    • Exceptions In Solidity
    • Events in Solidity
    • The Most Important Changes in Solidity
    • How To Work With Times In Solidity
  • 03
    Our Game In Solidity Developed With Remix
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    • Basic Game Functionality
    • How A Second Player Can Join The Game
    • Defining Our Game Board
    • Adding A Function To Determine Winning Or Losing
    • Getting the Draw Right
    • Assignment Add Events
    • Assignment Discussion Game Events
    • Adding An Economic Incentive To Our Game - It's Payable
    • ASSIGNMENT: Payout When Draw
    • Discussion & Solution Of The Assignment
    • What Happens If A Player Stops Playing
    • Playing A Full Game In Remix
  • 04
    Introduction To Truffle
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    • An Introduction To Truffle
    • Difference Between Truffle-Contract & Web3
    • Installing Truffle
    • Unboxing Our First Project
    • Introduction To Atom For Solidity Development
    • This is the Difference between the TestRPC, Ganache, Developer Console, etc
    • Setting Up The Truffle Environment For Our Game
    • Understanding & Working With Truffle-Contract And Artifacts
  • 05
    Automated Testing With Truffle
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    • Introduction To The Testing Framework That Comes With Truffle
    • Adding A Simple JavaScript-Test For Our Game
    • Testing Winning & Losing
    • ASSIGNMENT: Test The Draw
  • 06
    Implementing Our Game In HTML_JavaScript
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    • Adapting The HTML & Introduction To The Game Field
    • App.js File & How It Connects To The Blockchain
    • Understanding that Web3 is just a JavaScript Library making HTTP Calls
    • Implementing The Create Game Or Join Game Functionality
    • Bringing Our Game-Board To Life
    • Showing X or O When Playing A Game
    • Listening To Events When A Player Joins
    • Let's Listen To The NextPlayer Event
    • ASSIGNMENT: Inform User When Winning/Losing/Drawing
    • Assignment Discussion Listening To The Right Events & Stop Watching
    • Adding Design With Bootstrap
    • ASSIGNMENT: Hiding/Showing The Right Elements
    • Assignment Discussion & The Last Important Fix
  • 07
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    • An Introduction To MetaMask
    • Downloading & Installing MetaMask
    • Guiding You Around In MetaMask
    • Get Some Ether From The Rinkeby Faucet
    • Send Some Ether From One Account To Another
    • Connect MetaMask To Our Truffle Developer Console
    • Observe And Play One Game In MetaMask, Chrome & FireFox
  • 08
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    • How We Can Deploy The Game
  • 09
    Conclusion And Bonus
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    • Congratulations